January Full Moon

I am soooo glad that this Mercury Retrograde is about over. Most of the time I can breeze through these damn things but this one was an exception. Nothing really went haywire for me but the people around me were not so lucky. In the end, I could not shield myself from all of the crud that was flying around. Because of this, I went into this full moon cycle feeling pretty drained and kind of wanting to hide from the world. By about half way through the retrograde, I was ready to dive under my blankets and wait for it to be over. This retrograde seemed to have a slightly different theme this time around. I read about it before it happened so I should not have been surprised. The theme was uncovering secrets. There were some folks around me that had some doozies. I would like to say that those secrets did not affect me but that is not the case. They do affect me and in some cases, they have turned my life upside down.

I am ok. I have been spending the full moon energy to right my ship. Yesterday I focused solely on self-care and balance. I also had to keep reminding myself that I can only control myself and my actions. I have taken this time to see friends and spend time talking with family. Now that the full moon is over I feel like I have my feet under me again. Here is a pic I took of the full moon view from our driveway.

Full Moon