Road To Beltane 2

I drew another card today. I’m hoping the Page of Swords will illuminate things for me some.

Page of Swords
Page of Swords

One thing I love about this card is it is the beginning of transformation. I have been seeking transformation for awhile now, hopefully, I’m at the beginning now. This card also talks about the beginning of creativity and adventure! This card is much more helpful than yesterday’s card. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!


Season of Healing – Road To Beltane

Last night was an unproductive evening, but I did a great job of caring for myself. It was a long day at work and I was exhausted by the end of it. So I did what I could to help my tired body and that was about it. Today is my day off and I have been trying to be productive without slipping into “I have to get to it all.” I slept really well last night and it was so needed. I have been struggling with sleep some over the last week. I have continued to be kind to myself today by eating right and taking the time to just relax.

Between now and Beltane I want to pick a card every day. Today I picked The Knight of Discs (Pentacles) inverted. It was one of those moments when I stared at the deck and thought, “Ok tell me something I don’t know.”

Day 1
Day 1

This card inverted talks about being stuck and discouragement. This is exactly where I am at this moment. Now I just need some guidance to get out of this place. Hopefully tomorrow will have give me a card to help me move forward.


Ostara Cookies

I decided to indulge my inner child today! I made Ostara cookies and decorated them with my daughter. It was the perfect way to mark the day.

Ostara Egg

Ostara Egg 3

Ostara Egg 2

They are so pretty and they taste great. Starting tomorrow I’m going to begin a season of healing. From Ostara until Beltane I want to work intensely on some things and I plan to post about them here.

I hope you had a lovely day!


Wishing For Spring

I am wishing for spring. This winter has felt so long. Today I have the day off. I spent a bit of time at the park trying to soak up some of the natural world.

Gray days at the park.
Gray days at the park.

I have stayed very healthy all winter and then a little over a week ago I got slammed. It started as a little cold and escalated to a weird flu thing. I’m at the end of it now but I’m struggling to shake it off. This has made it hard for me to focus on Ostara the way I would normally want to. I’m going to try to make time for meditation tomorrow. I know that I need it. I’m feeling terribly off balance right now.

The good news is the signs of spring are all around me. The robins are out and tiny green things are pushing through the soil. Maverick is delighting in all of the mud and puddles around. His usually white paws are splashed with brown. He was my good buddy on my walk around the park today.

Right now I am grateful that spring is around the corner. As I write this a song comes to mind…

“Lachen, lachen, lachen, lachen
Kommt die Sonne uber das Feld.
Uber das Feld, kommt die Sonne
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha
Uber das Feld.

Laughing, laughing, laughing, laughing
Comes Aurora over the hill.
Over the hill, comes Aurora,
Ha ha ha, ha ha ha
Over the Hill.”

Whenever I hear this song it calls to mind the young goddess frolicking with her bunny companion. When she arrives I will be ready to share a giggle and hopefully, she will color the world something other than gray.