Morrigan, Queen of the Witches

This is amazing!


“The witch has been created by the land to speak and act for it.” -Peter Grey, Rewilding Witchcraft

When I took Iron Pentacle, one of Reclaiming’s core classes, I had only the vaguest idea of who the Morrigan was. I knew she had something to do with crows. There was an intense-looking statue in the shop that hosted the class. She was Celtic? I didn’t know. I didn’t think about it.

Overall I’m very happy in the Reclaiming Tradition, but our approach to deity–at least, in my particular community–can feel a bit like a gumball machine at times, with a different god and goddess invoked for every ritual, class, or planning meeting. At best, our relationships to these deities can feel a bit shallow unless we work with them personally. At worst, gods–whether they’re entities or archetypes–sometimes don’t even show up. Halfway through the evening you realize you’ve forgotten who…

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A Month of Tarot

If you have been following my blog you know I have been pulling cards in preparation for Beltane. The card I picked today is The 8 of Swords. I pulled it inverted. In the deck I’m using this card is called Bondage.

8 of swords

As a side note, this deck is called The Sacred Circle Tarot Deck.

This is what I know about this card, it is definitely about bondage. The plus side of drawing it inverted is the indication of being able to free yourself from the bondage. When you draw this card it may be telling you to let go. You have probably been through a tough patch and now have learned some lessons. Once you have those lessons under your belt you can let go of the pain and bondage and move forward in your life.

This is a great card for me to draw at this time. I have been through a tough patch and I have felt like my hands are tied. I’m happy that the time of bondage and feeling trapped is passing away. Now I just have to let go. Letting go is not the easiest thing for me but I know it is essential for my own growth. Beltane is coming and although it is snowing here in Wisconsin today I can feel the energy shifting.

One energy that has been very present for me is Pan’s energy. The Greenman is dancing on the edges of my mind and heart. I feel like he is calling me to dance again and I can’t wait to kick up my heels.

How are you feeling about Beltane? Do you celebrate and if you do, how do you celebrate?