Magick has been on my mind. This week I started some new wands. Apple wood has been calling my name so I set out to find some. With the help of a dear friend, I found three lovely sticks to use.


They are not complete but they are looking good. I love the energy of the one on the left the most. It is weird how they each have their own feel.

I also worked some clarity magick today. There is good full moon energy afoot!


Last night we worked a very different kind of magick. Shawn and I had funnel cake together. Every year our family goes to Fitchburg Days. There is always plenty of funnel cake and other yummy food to try. Music and sometimes fireworks are part of the fun too. It has become part of our tradition. I see it as a way to welcome in summer. This may not be formal magick but it is magick none the less.

Funnel Cake Magick

I am happy to be feeling inspired again! Standing before a hot cauldron makes me smile inside. Are you working full moon magick?