This morning the weather has been truly lovely. The sun is shining gently and there is just the hint of a breeze. It was the perfect time to do some light gardening. Now that we live in a condo I don’t garden as much as I once did. I do keep house plants and plants out on my deck. We are lucky to have some yard space so I have some things planted out there too. Because is was not too hot, I decided to take Maverick out on the deck with me. He doesn’t spend too much time outside these days because it is so hot and Siberian Huskies are not overly fond of super warm weather.


He was very good this morning. He just slept in the sun and enjoyed being outside. I had some repotting to do so I puttered around and got that done.


My sage was too big for the space it was in so I moved it to this pot. I love the smell of sage on my fingers. It has always been one of my favorite things to grow.


The rosemary needed a new home today too! Whenever I garden I like to take a bit to use as an offering.

Sage offering

Offering bowl.jpg

Once they dry out I will burn them at my hearth.

I feel so lucky this morning. I was able to enjoy the coolness of the morning and I was able to enjoy some quiet time.

“Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” ~Author Unknown