This morning my dear doggie woke me up way before I was ready. As I tumbled out the door, growling the whole way, I looked to find that my favorite plant was gone! I immediately felt so sad. I’m sure that this happened when the guys were here to trim the grass. I’m not sure how they mistook my Russian Sage for a weed but it was hacked to bits. I spent my whole morning feeling really sad about it.

I’m one of those weird dog people. When a dog of mine passes I always feel best if I adopt another dog right away. It isn’t that I don’t care about the one that has passed, it is more that I feel the best way to honor that pet is to adopt another needy pet. I decided to apply this same logic to my lost plant. I got in the car and went and “adopted” a new one. I could not believe how happy I was as soon as I got a look at all of those Russian Sages. I grabbed the one that seemed happiest to see me and headed to the checkout. I just put my new friend into the ground and I feel so much better.

I have had a tie to the Russian Sage for many years. At my old place, I had a huge one that seemed to be indestructible. It made me so unhappy to hear that after we left they dug that beautiful plant up. 😦

You can use Russian Sage just like any sage, when it comes to spell work. It is considered a plant of Artemis, and can be used when seeking wisdom.  It has also been associated with the Trickster! The flowers can be used to bring about a sense of joy and optimism.

My new friend.
My new friend.

Russian Sage

Buying this beauty really helped me change what was starting out to be a crappy day. I am grateful.