I felt a shift in the energy around me yesterday. Things are going still or at least that is how I experience the Winter Solstice. I don’t feel like being around people or doing much outside the house. The only exception would be a long walk in the woods with my dog. I’m wishing for snow because we have only had a dusting this year. Everything is just gray and gloomy right now.

My plan for tonight is to do a ritual with my husband. We will throw our Yule log into the fire and have a fancy meal together. Today I’m here in the house all by myself so I plan to read cards, journal, do some crafty stuff and just be still. I will take some time to dream about spring and what I might want to plant when the time is right. I will keep a candle burning as long as I can tonight and I will snuggle down and watch a sentimental holiday movie.

I hope each of you has a delightful solstice filled with room to breathe deep, pause, reflect, and dream.