Did you have a happy Yule? Mine was mostly quiet, cozy, and simple. We are all moved into our new house and I am enjoying having a yard again. I’ve been spending time getting to know the land spirits and we were even able to have a fire outside on the solstice. The lovely tree pictured above was found on a walk with my puppy yesterday. It reminded me of the crone adorned in her finest winter dress. There is something so magickal about snow and ice on trees making the whole world look like a fairyland.

I have been thinking about rewilding. It was a focus of mine last year before my health went down the tubes. I know that I have some unfinished work there. A year later I am seeing rewilding differently. I have never been far from the earth, trees, and wild things in my environment. The forest isn’t where I will find the wild I seek. The wild I’m in search of comes from within me. It is stoked in the furnace of my soul and in who I was before the world told me I wasn’t enough. My word for this year is pleasure and I think to find pleasure I need to get reacquainted with my inner wild.

When I was a little girl I had a wild imagination. I ran wild through the wooded area near my apartment making that space my home away from home. As a young adult, I would go to see live music almost every weekend. I would dance and sing along with my favorite bands and allow myself to float on the wild current of the crowd. All these versions of myself still exist within me. I just need to allow myself to connect with them again. At some point, I learned that I was too old to spend my days climbing trees, dancing became harder once the responsibilities of adulthood came crashing in. My imagination dimmed when there were no more worlds to create other than the mundane world of work and the “shoulds” so many of us face.

When I first started practicing witchcraft I felt that wild energy. In being a witch I was not bending to what others thought I should do or be. I was being fully myself, it felt good and it felt wild. I remember when I would have dreams of flying and meeting the gods/goddesses face to face. I remember the wonder of seeing things I hoped for manifested in the world for the first time. It would be good to reconnect with that energy again. Pleasure waits at the place where I can let myself feel wild without constantly judging whether or not my feelings are mature, best for others, or if they serve a purpose other than giving me happiness.

As I follow this path I will post more. When do you feel wild? Did you choose a word for the year?


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