Morrighan’s Day

Tuesdays are a devotional day for me. I will sometimes bring Morrighan a token or devote a work out to her. Other times I will talk with her about whatever things are going on in my life. I feel when you choose to walk with Morrighan you are not choosing an easy path. She seems to choose those who challenge themselves and she almost always has a challenge for me. Her challenges never feel like a burden and I know that I will be better for having taken her up on it.

Right now my main challenge has been dealing with my health issues. I felt like she was telling me way back at Samhain that this year was going to be very self-focused. I felt a little guilty choosing that path but I trust her and so that is the direction I started to walk. Soon I found out why that was needed and I’m so glad that she gave me the heads up about it. I’m starting to see that part of the challenge is living life to the fullest and not just moving from commitment to commitment. I have also been focusing on turning down all the negative noise in my life which means less time on social media. The world may need me but I need me more.

Over this waning moon period, I have been working on letting go of any lingering guilt or shame that I feel but that doesn’t really belong to me. Each time I work on this process it gets easier and there is less to let go of. For the new moon, I’m planning to set intentions around positivity and not letting my illness rule my life. I can’t believe that Imbolc is just a few weeks away! Before you know it we will be enjoying spring.:) The wheel keeps turning…

Do you have a primary deity? How do you honor that deity?


Card of The Week-The Fool

The Green Man or Fool Card
The Green Man or Fool Card

I am pretty happy to see this card! It means new good stuff is coming.











Ruled by Uranus and the element of air.


Entering a new phase of life.

A new cycle, rebirth, or renewal.

Feel the fear and do it anyways.

Take a risk.

He who dares wins.

Woot! I am open and excited about the future and my new solar year.:)





Solstice In Retrospect

I had a lovely winter solstice. It was the quietest winter holiday season I have had in a really long time. Work was hyper stressful so it was important for me to balance that out with lots of good sleep and rest. I spent a lot of quality time with my family. We watched movies and cuddled on the couch. I slept in when I could and caught naps most days. The sun has been returning slowly and I hope it brings some inspiration back with it. I have not been writing as much as I would like, mostly because I just can’t think of anything to say. Actually, that isn’t totally true, I have had things to say, I just have not known how to get them out. I have chosen to take my cues from the universe. If it doesn’t want to come out then I don’t say it. It feels like the message I have been receiving all season long is rest and recharge, don’t do anything you don’t want to. So I focused on family and only doing the things that feed me.

Things that fed me include:

Family time

Long walks with the doggie

Sappy holiday movies and warm blankets

Long naps and fuzzy pjs

Good food and not worrying about what I was or was not eating

So I have no big revelations to share, and no deep thoughts about magick or community. I do have a heart full of gratitude and quiet but happy memories of the holiday season.

Maybe next week I will have more to say…