Wands 2

I finished another wand today! This one was created for my husband. It was also created with apple wood. It has a lovely quartz at the tip and is wrapped in copper. The handle is wrapped in bamboo cord. Bamboo is masculine and carries both luck and protection energy. It can be used to break hexes as well.


Wand 2

This one was fun to make! The only bad thing that happened is I burned my finger on some hot glue.


Witchy Wand

I have been working with wands lately. I’ve been super drawn to working with wood and so I decided to just go with it. Apple wood has been the most appealing. Here is a little magickal info on apple wood.

Apple Wood is known for feminine energy. It is ruled by the planet Venus and the sign of Cancer. Although wood is earth energy it has some watery feel to it. It is associated with both Diana and Morrighan, this works well for me since I work with both of these deities. Samhain and rebirth are also associated with the apple. These wands work great for healing, fertility, love, the fairy realm, visions, piercing the veil, and the otherworld.

Ogham: Quert

Runes: Ing, Peorth, Cweorth

I had fun carving into the staff of the wand but it really does not show up well in photos. I carved three things that have magickal significance to me into it. This part was a lot harder than I thought it would be. After finding the right tool it became much easier.

I added a rose quartz to my wand. Rose quartz has been my favorite stone for as long as I can remember. It just seemed like the perfect fit. I went to the rock store and found a few that I liked. Rose quartz also has an association with feminine energy. It works really well with the apple energy.

Rose quartz can be used for:

Balancing yin and yang

Restoring harmony



Positive outlook




Release of stress

Union with the divine


Energy: Receptive

Element: Earth and Water

Planet: Venus

Deities: Freyr & Aphrodite

I had to find a way to attach my stone to the end of my wand. I used copper wire. This part was complicated. When I work magickally I like to work in threes so copper wire was the third element in my magickal recipe.

Copper is associated with:

Chakra: Crown, heart, and solar-plexus

Element: Water

Planet and Goddess: Venus








Transferring energy

So as you can see I have constructed a wand with feminine elements. I have used three similar items to build intent and energy.

Apple wand

Apple Wand 2

I also have a stang in process. It is like a staff but it has two points at the top. This is going to take some time to finish.




I can’t wait to show you how the stang works out! I really love making my own tools, it is very satisfying. Do any of you make your own tools? I would be interested to see photos or hear about it.






Magickally Minded


Magick has been on my mind. This week I started some new wands. Apple wood has been calling my name so I set out to find some. With the help of a dear friend, I found three lovely sticks to use.


They are not complete but they are looking good. I love the energy of the one on the left the most. It is weird how they each have their own feel.

I also worked some clarity magick today. There is good full moon energy afoot!


Last night we worked a very different kind of magick. Shawn and I had funnel cake together. Every year our family goes to Fitchburg Days. There is always plenty of funnel cake and other yummy food to try. Music and sometimes fireworks are part of the fun too. It has become part of our tradition. I see it as a way to welcome in summer. This may not be formal magick but it is magick none the less.

Funnel Cake Magick

I am happy to be feeling inspired again! Standing before a hot cauldron makes me smile inside. Are you working full moon magick?